How To Answer Telephonic Interview Questions in 2020?

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A telephonic interview is usually conducted after the screening test and before the face-to-face interview. So, hope you have passed the screening test, Congratulations on that! Now let me share some interview tips and together let us make your telephonic interview easier than you expected.

A telephonic interview is officially the first step in your recruitment process for a job. A face-to-face interview is always an easier way to impress the employer as he can have the full attention of his on you.

Most of the time a telephonic interview might come along the recruitment process but sometimes you can expect a sudden phone call with interview questions even if your selection process doesn’t have that stage.

It might be because of some issues with transportation, lack of time, etc. In 2020 is specifically the time you should already be ready for a telephonic interview because of the pause of transportation over states and countries. So it is high time you grab the interview tips.

Generally, a telephonic interview might take from 20-30 minutes long if you are interviewed by a single manager. In case there is more than one employer who would interview you, then it might take from 30 to 40 minutes.

The telephonic interview comes with both its advantages and disadvantages. The employer not being able to see you in person is the major absence observed in a telephonic interview. But, Hey Introverts, I know you are happy!

You got to cover their attention, sound your enthusiasm for the company, and also show why you are the best fit for the designation while you are still sitting at home all cozy.

So let me display in front you some interview tips and tricks and also some questions you should expect to ace the telephonic interview from the start to the end. So you can enjoy working on your favorite job.

Interview Tips and tricks to ace the interview through phone

  • The resume is the origin:
  • One important reason you have come to a telephonic interview might be because of your outstanding resume. So if you are not even getting a chance for a telephonic interview, then brace yourself up and groom a good resume.

    So before you go for interview tips also search for resume writing tips. Because that is what takes you anywhere. And make sure your resume comes to the next phase without being thrown in the trash. Choose the right format to draft your resume.

    Display your resume in a clear and chronological manner to make the recruiter interested in the first glance. Your resume needs to get shortlisted by the recruiter out of thousands of resumes to get to the interview through the phone process.

    One of the important interview questions you could get is "Guide me through your resume." A recruiter or an HR Manager would get into a telephonic interview with you while just coming upon the piles of resumes.


    So always remember to have your resume right in front of you while you are on your phone answering your questions. It makes your way easier by acting as a cheat sheet deflating your nervousness.

    And also because you need not run in search of your resume while your recruiter comes up with questions in reaction to your resume.

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  • Sound Mindfully:
  • One of the important interview tips that could be offered is that you should Sound Mindfully.

    As telephonic interviews come with a disadvantage that the employer couldn't see your positive outer self, you need to sound confident and energetic while answering the interview questions.

    Answer calmly and pleasantly for every interview question and leave a certain pause after each question. So that you sound patient and attentive prioritizing the interview over other chores.

    You must keep your telephonic interview lively and friendly to make the recruiter interested in employing you. Make them feel excited and know that you are the one.

    Make sure that you sound curious. Show them that you are interested in being a part of the company and make them feel prioritized.

  • Give articulate Answers:
  • Listen to the questions clearly and give clear and confident answers without any dragging. Also, make sure that you don't give one-word answers because they might sound in a way that you are uninterested in the job.

    Remember that you only have their ears in a telephonic interview. You only have to impress their ears which might be a tricky task because maybe their eyes and mind might wander over other things placed before them.

    So make sure you grab their full attention to your telephonic interview by giving articulated answers for the interview questions.

    I hope you go through good practicing before the time the telephonic interview is scheduled for. Go through some basic questionnaires which are generally asked in an interview.

    Record your practice sessions on your phone and keep listening to them. Note if the way you sound seems interested and curious and your answers are quick and crisp.

    Also, understand if it is interesting to hear because if even you aren't ready to listen, who will? Not just what you respond to, also the way how you respond to the interview questions matter.

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Do's and Don'ts while answering your telephonic interview.

  • Make sure that you are in a silent environment free from disturbances and other heavy cacophonies.
  • Also, you can alert your folks that you are into a telephonic interview because I know, people around you would jump with excited conversations just at the right time.

  • Always make sure that you sit in a right and relaxed position while answering the call. Avoid lying down comfortably on a couch or a bed because that may make you sound tired and lethargic.
  • Do not multitask while you are on a telephonic interview. Prioritize your interview and dedicate yourself entirely to the phone screening and nothing else. Put other things aside for a while and make time for the interview and answer the interview questions paying full attention to it.
  • Smile on the phone
  • Oh yeah! As weird as it sounds, smiling on your phone might help you in expanding the impression of the employer on you. A smile can just not be seen but also can be felt.

  • Avoid using native accents while undergoing the telephonic interview because it might make the conversation sound informal. Sound like the professional you are.
  • Always try to sound completely formal yet in a friendly way. Avoid using informal slangs and phrases to address your employer or while answering the interview questions.

  • Be ready to attach anything your employer must expect for. Also, create yourself an outstanding LinkedIn profile or build yourself a video resume and share them as soon as the telephonic interview session gets passed.
  • This interview tip may help your recruiter's employing process easier and the view on you higher by providing enough guidance about you.

Don't you want to own standing out Linked profile? Visit our page for tips and more.

  • Do not sound selfish. Always be mindful of the questions you are about to ask in exchange for his while interviewing. Do not ask questions like about your salary and other self benefits you could avail.
  • Sound like you care about the company. Prioritize your company first. Curiously ask more about the company and ensure that you will work hard and dedicated to whatever task that is assigned to you even if you like the company or not.
  • Make them realize that you take part in the future development process of the company.

  • Before the interview comes to an end, put forth the basic question about the next stage after this telephonic interview in a way that you are looking forward to participating in the process and do careful tracking of your resume. But make sure that you don't sound greedy.
  • Write a simple and closely informal Thank you email to the recruiter. This may benefit by providing him with a good and personal impression on you.
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Basic questions that are usually asked in an interview;

  • What is the salary range you are expecting to work for?
  • Why do you want to leave your current position?
  • What are your expectations for your next position?
  • What kind of company culture are you looking for? What type of benefits are you looking for?
  • What is your availability for a face-to-face interview after this stage, if selected?

While you are still preparing for the telephonic interview also prepare for the face-to-face interview on one side so that you get better in the phone screening stage while going through the mock interview questions simultaneously.

Hope the above interview tips were useful to you providing a clear view of how to perform in an interview on phone.

All the best!

Written By :

Kirupa Ranjani Venkatesh
Career Expert at CV Owl

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